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Deck Watch “Standard”

This timekeeping device of high accuracy is issued with a lever escapement. Its tolerance is held within +/- 9 seconds per day. The case is 53 mm in diameter. This magnetic-resistant model is manufactured in a stainless steel case with a gold-plated movement. Every single element of the watch is made following the highest standards. They are manufactured in the interests of shipbuilding companies and shipowners.

The movement of the watch consists of over 500 parts, all of them being handmade and individually assembled with great care and precision by our specialists. The acceptable tolerance for components is as low as 0,001 millimetres to achieve better performance.

Deck clocks are manufactured at the factory under a license purchased by the Soviet Union from the Ulysse Nardin company since 1940. Since 1948, deck clocks have been mass-produced, and since 1977 - with a mechanism already improved by Soviet engineers. (You can read more about the history of the 6MX deck clock production HERE).  This precise time device is a spare chronometer on the ship, which is carried from the chart room to the deck when using astrogation or adjusting the ship's time on the remaining clocks.

Deck watch is kept and maintained in a wooden mounting box. The case back is made of mineral crystal to expose the beautiful watch movement.

Along with the 6МХ marine chronometer, deck watches are the products we are most proud of. Leading watchmaking companies and experts have high regard for the quality of our timepieces. Undoubtedly, our highest priority is our customer gratitude and satisfaction. In ordinary or "official" execution, deck clocks are manufactured according to government orders from shipbuilding enterprises and shipowners. The possibility of buying deck watches "ordinary" by an individual should be clarified at the enterprise.

Deck watches are not only a must for professional sailors, but they can also be a wonderful gift for those in love with the sea and ships.
At the customer’s request, the dial and design of the watch can be altered to give it a touch more individuality.
*The assembly and testing process takes 45 working days. The full production cycle is at least 1.5 years.
The set includes
Certificate of Conformity
Price: upon request
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Small series workshop based on the Poljot Watch Factory
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