Since 1947, our plant has been manufacturing marine instruments of accurate time for the needs of the Russian fleet. Since then, only the numbers of the technical specifications according to which the watch is made have changed. And the watch itself remains unchanged - we are committed to the traditions of the factory in terms of the quality of our products. Yes, and it is difficult to make something better than it was developed by Soviet engineers.

In 2021, the Russian navy will celebrate a round date - 325 years since its foundation, since the very words said by Peter I: "There should be sea vessels!". To this date, we have timed the release of deck clocks, which in their appearance go beyond the traditional time devices used on ships.

We offer our Customers models of deck clocks made of precious metals, inlaid with precious stones. As well as watches in bronze cases, the covers of which are made based on engravings of the XVIII century. Each watch is unique-made in a single copy.